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Following a plan and confidence building

Public speaking is a multifaceted art form. People take to the podium to preach, teach, influence, perform, entertain and sell. Each of those objectives has its own standards and practices and every speaker has their own style and identity. It’s … Continue reading

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Public Speaking App = Hungry Lion Repellant

Why do three out of every four people experience some anxiety when giving speeches? Are we all that afraid of hecklers? Or is there some primitive brain response when we’re the focus of a group’s attention? Do our primitive brains … Continue reading

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A Public Speaking App for Kids?

There’s no denying it: Today’s kids and teenagers are sailing past the older generations in terms of their technological knowledge and abilities. A child as young as three or four years old can master a computer mouse or a touch screen … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Trade- ”Communication Hacks” with Co-workers

A “Communication Hack” is a dynamic change in the way people exchange information that gets some or even all of the parties involved to the desired end result quicker and with less effort (S.Evangelista) . A friend of mine, who … Continue reading

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Public Speaking on Short Notice

Preparing for a Presentation on Short Notice One of the key requisites of a successful presentation is to be prepared. But sometimes, you may be asked to talk about something on a short or no notice at all. While unplanned … Continue reading

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