About Us

We’re a software startup based out of Virginia Beach, VA. We have been involved with speaking in various capacities for many years. Were regular people with kids, dogs and dishes in the sink! We hope you get some useable info from our writing and posts.

Podium Pro started back in November, when Steve Swisher, Pastor of essential church.com was talking about the lack of good applications for delivering speeches. There are apps and programs that “work”, however he complained of having to avoid touching the screen once his presentation started. The reason being is the other applications will constantly open keyboards, menus and other annoying queues in the middle of the presentation. Additionally, the lack of edit ability, specifically .rtf came up. I asked him if anyone else had the same issue, turns out a lot of people have the same complaint.

I was in the middle of wire framing another iPhone application, but decided to take on this project full-time and see  where we could take  it. Currently, our team is coding the application and we will have a Beta this Spring, with some very cool extra features. Its going to be the worlds best iPad App for public speaking, teaching, preaching and presenting. Thanks for stopping by.

We would love to link up and share info with you on twitter @podiumproapp  and Facebook www.facebook.com/podiumpro/

Email us: podiumproapp@gmail.com


9 Responses to About Us

  1. Tony says:

    When are you coming back? I loved using this app.

  2. Sam says:

    I’m an active duty military Instructor who was forced to overcome the fear of public speaking. I have been teaching for 2 years now. It’s gotten better but I would love to see how your app can improve the experience. Thanks! ~Sam

    • Podium Pro says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sam. Whether you are a “notecard” speaker who just like keywords, or you like a more thorough document in front of you, this app will really make a difference. Upload your document from dropbox, that you created in Word or Pages, make last minute corrections and then rehearse your speech. Record audio/video of yourself, while our color timer bar keeps you on track so you learn to work through your key points in the allotted time. Also, if you have ever used an iPad to speak off of, you know having menu’s and keyboards pop up is totally annoying, so we fixed that too. Looking forward to your feedback when we go live on The App Store. check out our main site at http://www.podiumproapp@gmail.com

  3. Podium Pro says:

    Ron, Thanks for stopping by! Podium Pro was started with solving problems for presenters, pastors included. It will have .txt, .rtf and .pdf edit and creation capability. Dropbox sync as well as local file storage in the app. Custom time clock and color timer bar, freehand drawing for .rtf and .pdf. Present screen opens after editing that prevents pop ups during your presentation. Also slide control of Keynote and PowerPoint. Just to name a few features. It is going to be incredibly useful for you, and anyone who presents info that has an iPad. Screenshots will be released on this site.

  4. Every week I anticipate your app! Preping for sermon tonight, wish it was here! Any hints on features? Right now I have to use custom size word document converted to pdf so I can have black screen with white txt for my outline. I also use my iphone as a clock. Screenshots? Sigh only a month to go 🙂

  5. I look forward to seeing what your iPad app is all about. I’m an NSA member and have several colleagues who may be interested as well. I’d love to be able to record my talks as I give them, then be able to edit that same recording for other purposes. Looking forward to learning more!

    • Podium Pro says:

      Thanks for stopping by Darcie. I added you to our “VIP” list which will get you the App for free once we go live on the App Store. We will also be sending our VIP’s the beta version to use and abuse. The App will store your video and/or Audio files that you can pull into more robust software programs to customize.

  6. As a public speaker on quotability and connective cues and a former WSJ reporter I would love to see your app when it is done and to learn more, now about what it will do. I am a non-geek, blessed to have tech friends and I enjoy your writing style and topics

    • Podium Pro says:

      Thanks Kare. Since you are so cool, you made the “VIP” list! Basically, we will be giving the App away free to a very small group (50 people only), otherwise it will be $9.99 on the App Store. I look forward to sharing info and ideas with you and thanks for stopping by!

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