The Hulk Needs Confidence Building

Dear Diary: Speaking in public is challenging for most people, but the thought of some characters presenting in public is almost mind-boggling.  This was my thought during a recent coaching session with The Incredible Hulk.  Yes, the big green guy stomped into my office (note to self – get the door fixed) and asked for my expertise in writing a speech.  It seems he has been asked to address the upcoming Avengers Reunion, and he just didn’t feel like he could say “No.”

Problem: Mr. I. Hulk is not especially articulate.  To give you an example, his plea for help consisted of, “Avengers meet. Me talk.  Hulk want to smash, not talk. Help! …Now!” So we got to work.  It was a little difficult getting all the information I needed from him. A few sessions and temper tantrums later (note to self – replace desk, hammer dents out of file cabinet) we had a theme for the speech, and an outline we both felt good about.  But giving the actual speech was still before us, and Incredible was nervous. He needed some confidence building.

Solution: I wrote a pretty good speech for Mr. Hulk, but our practice sessions were not going well.  Mr. I. Hulk kept losing track of what he was saying, rambled, and dealt with this in his usual way. (Note to self – call landlord about wall.) We decided to use Podium Pro, the public speaking app on his iPad, to help him deliver his speech.  The color timer bar would help keep Incredible on topic and on track during his talk, and if he gestures a little too forcefully he won’t lose his notes.  Better yet, I can use Podium Pro to scribble in some additional pointers directly onto his presentation. Once we finished up, Hulk uploaded his perfected, notated speech to Dropbox and now he can retrieve it at any given time.

Thank you, PodiumPro! Another happy customer! The Incredible Hulk spoke well, and I got a few referrals, although some are a little odd.  I am confident that Podium Pro iPad App for Public Speaking Domination will save the day again, just like any good superhero would.


About Podium Pro

Were coding our new iPad App. Meanwhile, our blog and twitter machines will give you great tips on speaking confidently, ruling the room and being awesome.
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