Top 5 Ways Teachers and Speakers are Using Twitter

The social media application, Twitter, has taken the Internet by storm, enabling users to “tweet” their thoughts and activities at any given time. But did you know that this enormously popular site is also credited with helping teachers communicate with their students as well as enhancing audience participation for public speakers?
Educators can use Twitter as a classroom tool in several ways.

  • They can post review questions as well as supplemental websites on material that was presented in class that day.
  • Twitter can be used as a mechanism for students to ask questions that they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to during class.
  • Teachers can post and discuss current event items and involve their students in the Twitter exchange.
  • Help students who were absent to catch up on the latest material.
  • In the college setting, Twitter is helping to increase participation amongst students in large lecture halls. Thanks to budget cuts, it is not uncommon for students to be sitting amongst 200-plus classmates in the same room. To make sure every student has the opportunity to be heard, professors are utilizing Twitter to solicit questions and comments from students during their lectures.

In addition to the classroom, Twitter is also gaining popularity as a helpful application for public speakers.

  • Many audiences wishing to participate in a speaker’s presentation now have a way of doing so by using Twitter to make comments and ask questions.
  • Audiences who may be receiving the presentation offsite also have the opportunity to engage in the exchange by tweeting in their information.
  • Promoting a presentation before it happens. For example, information on what the presentation will be about is broadcasted which may attract a wider audience.
  • Research comments on the subject material so that the presentation can address those opinons.
  • The speaker can have a follow up Twitter exchange with audience members long after the presentation to keep up on the latest issues.

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