Pastors are Preaching and Connecting via iPads

It’s Sunday morning and your late for Church… As you gather up the kids and sprint for the door you make sure that everyone looks presentable, has their Bible in hand and that the family iPad is charged and ready to go. What??? iPad? Just when did Sunday Morning Services require smart devices?

Well, welcome to the new socially connected spiritual experience.

Houston’s KTRK recently profiled “The era of the iPad preacher”. During their profile they spoke with several clergy members in various religious settings including Pastor T.R. Williams of New Faith Church in southwest Houston, who utilizes an iPad on his pulpit to guide him through his sermons. He says it sends a message; especially to younger people, “That is the way that they learn today. That is where they are connected.”

Even Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church, who is seen by millions around world on a weekly basis via television and online streaming video, has embraced the connectivity offered by smart devices. During his Sunday morning sermons, Lakewood attendees are encouraged to tweet their spiritual thoughts.

The Director of Christian Education for Lakewood Church, Steve Austin, offers his point of view, “I think the potential for ministry on social media is enormous. When you look at the numbers and you see that 800 million people are on Facebook, that’s where people are today.”

Even the Vatican has gotten into the social media game with the Pope Benedict tweeting for the first time last year with his iPad. He even gave his blessings to a new app the helps people keep track of their sins.

Rabbi Scott Hausman-Weiss of Congregation Emanuel, who often tweets and posts to the temple’s Facebook page, cautions spiritual leaders to focus on the message, “Social media for me isn’t about relevance. It’s about delivering relevance. We could have completely irrelevant content but we are using up-to-date technology and still it’s going to fall on deaf ears.”

If you are ministering to spiritual group consider signing up for Podium Pro and start connecting with your congregation by preaching with an iPad.

iPad use rising rapidly


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