The Dark side of Outperforming the Competition

The dark side of outperforming your competition is like being in a bucket with a bunch of other crabs. It doesn’t matter if you are finding success in a business venture, gaining a lot of attention and buzz around your public speaking appearances or rapidly excelling in sports.

At first, people around you will generally all be supportive.
After a while, a little jealousy begins to take hold of people which is then followed by low level gossip about you. As you continue to gain attention for your hard work you might notice an attitude shift in some people you know. Some you use to consider friends may even start to distance themselves from you. What happens is that some view the success and attention you are getting as a personal threat to their success and ego. This is unfortunately a reality of being a results oriented performer.

So back to crabs in a bucket. What happens when one crab starts to climb out of the fisherman’s bucket? The other crabs at the bottom grab the one about to make an escape to freedom and pull him back in. If they can’t pull him back in, they will just hold on to him so he doesn’t get out.

Two lessons are learned here. Don’t be the crab at the bottom that holds another from escaping and if you are the crab making an escape, expect some of the others to make a desperate attempt to stop you.

Sean Evangelista is the owner of Magoozle LLC, a mobile software application startup that is creating Podium Pro- iPad app for public speaking. Coming soon to the App Store. He lives in Virginia Beach with his family and 2 dogs.


About Podium Pro

Were coding our new iPad App. Meanwhile, our blog and twitter machines will give you great tips on speaking confidently, ruling the room and being awesome.
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