Effective Techniques for Classroom Teaching

The process of learning becomes easier when effective teaching methods are used. A particular method can be called effective when it is capable of arousing the students’ curiosity, engaging them and keeping them interested in the subject. Here are a few such strategies that will help you become a better class teacher.

Generate interest and explain

When you enjoy what you do, you are ready to put in that extra effort to master it. The same principle applies to student learning too. When you want your students to learn about a particular subject, you should explain it to them in a way that they understand. This also means that you should have a clear idea about the level of your students’ understanding, what they know, and how much of the subject they need to know.

Being considerate about student learning

Being considerate and showing an interest in the learning process of the student is an essential quality for classroom teachers. A good teacher ensures that the learning techniques are simpler and can be easily handled by all the students. Rather than making the subject seem very difficult, you should try to make the students feel that the subject can be mastered with the right amount of effort.

Assessment and feedback

One of the most important techniques in classroom teaching is to assess the students’ performance in different ways and provide feedback on the same. The assessment methods, however, should help the students to apply or demonstrate their understanding of the subject, rather than just memorize what they hear in class.

Clarity in goals

One of the main tasks of a teacher is to set standards or goals for the students, which can be easily achieved. Effective teachers usually set high standards for their students, and give them a clear idea about what needs to be done to achieve them.

Individuality of students

When creating activities and tasks to engage the students, a good teacher always considers the student’s interest and the level of understanding in the subject. Rather than having a generic goal or a common standard for all kinds of students, you should keep in mind the abilities and the level of understanding of individual students for setting achievable goals.

Being open to learning

Good teachers are open to change, and understand that the effect of their teaching technique may not be same on all kinds of students. To make the learning process better, you need to keep evaluating your techniques regularly and modify them as and when necessary, to suit the requirements of a particular class of students.


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